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"With her fluent musical vocabulary and sharp interpretive skill, Wendy Scherl illuminates and invigorates every song she sings."

– Roy Sander, Bistro Awards

"She’s back, voice more beautiful than ever, singing with all the warmth and wisdom and humor that only a life well and fully lived can bring."

- David Friedman



2020 MAC nominee Best Female Vocalist

2020 Broadway World Nominee Best Female Vocalist

2020 Broadway World Nominee Best Independent Recording

2018 MAC award nominee Best Female Vocalist

2016 MetroStar First Runner up


Reviews of You'll See (CD)


"Ms. Scherl appears to have hit one out of the park with her maiden voyage into the recording studio. You'll See is, from first to final notes, an absolutely flawless musical excursion..."

BroadwayWorld review by Stephen Mosher

"...Wendy Scherl brings a warm and personal touch to You’ll See.... She makes each song relevant and worthy of a seasoned singer who knows her strengths. She shares it all on this special album that has something for everyone."

Cabaret Scenes review by John Hoglund

"The especially pleasing, soothing timbre of Wendy Scherl's voice is just one reason to recommend her debut recording, but this is about much more than just competent comfort food for hungry ears. There's a deep well of human emotion tapped..."

Talkin' Broadway's Sound Advice review by Rob Lester

"...Scherl has selected a program that is well-paced and interesting.  Her opener, “You’ll See,” is a superb stand-alone song by Carroll Coates, and sets the bar high, a bar that she easily clears throughout the program.  There are many surprising delights sprinkled throughout the program..."

Jersey Jazz review by Joe Lang

You'll See was selected as one of the top 10 Female Vocalist CDs by Cadence Magazine for 2019.

Reviews of Town and Country


"...the real strength of the performance, in addition to Scherl's vocal performance, was the expressiveness of her face as she sang. The meaning of each song was clearly reflected in her eyes - she is a master at embodying the humor and lightness, the joie de vivre of a song like "Lovesick" while at the same time communicating the depth and seriousness of one like "The Song Remembers When." "

BroadwayWorld review by Bill Westmoreland

"Wendy Scherl is such an immediately inviting and obviously talented singer, that one wanted to surrender completely to the charms of her new show, Town and Country..."

Bistro Awards review by Gerry Geddes

"...a strong soprano with a vibrato at the top reminiscent of Christine Ebersole and splendid enunciation."

Cabaret Scenes review by Bart Greenberg

Reviews of NEW Scherl in Town


""Focused, likable and skillfully communicative, this is an artist well worth seeing..."

CabaretScenes review by Rob Lester

"She has a relatable persona that puts her audience immediately at ease…Ms. Scherl is a fine storyteller."

Theater Pizzazz review by Sandi Durell

“A gifted singer and a savvy performer..."

Bistro Awards review by Mark Dundas Wood

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